Our designers and engineers will ensure proffesional results due to the their knowledge and extraordinarily accomplished backgorunds. Design team work closely with clients to provide design features using the most advanced visualization technology. Due to the all in house designers and engineers team we can respond quickly to the client's request and demands upon to the project. Preliminary design and logical stages using 2D and 3D CAD software.

  • Hull from design and devolopment
  • Structural design
  • Performance predictions
  • Stability analysis
  • Structural calculations
  • Mechanical design
  • Design management
  • Class approvals


FDC’s refit&repair service provide a full range of services including custom refit of yachts as well as mechanical or technical repairs, furniture-carpentry, painting or refinishing, new interior work or expansions. During the project process our refit service work as a turnkey project including interms of fully technical service, working plan, budget preparation and reporting. We provide refit&repair service and other specialties in our own structure so we offer you cost effective solutions in every step of refit&repair process.


We also provide service to our prices in our maintenance and repair fleet after the shipyard process. With our solution partners located in various parts of the Mediterranean, we are with our customers in every field they need.